Monday, May 25, 2015


May 25, 2015

Dear Family:

This week has been pretty awesome, we have seen a lot of miracles here. This weekend especially has been awesome. This week we focused a lot on getting members out to lesson. Those are by far the best lessons. If you are reading this and have extra time, go tell the missionaries your schedule and when you are available. Members make a huge difference. We have one couple, the Foutanu's who are like 20 and from Samoa and they come out with us a bunch and since they are both converts they help so much. So we taught a lot of really good lessons this week and that always feels good.

One thing that has not been going well this transfer is finding. For some reason we just have not been finding new people to teach. We get a bunch of referrals and we talk to a lot of interested people, but it is hard to get people from just Potentials to actually investigating the church. However, that changed this weekend. We did not do anything differently really, but all of the sudden we found 3 new investigators in one day. It really is not that much, but I was on top of the world since we had been getting frustrated. Then on Sunday we had two investigators at church, which is really difficult in this area because the chapel is in a weird place and far away from our investigators. So that was awesome. Plus the members are really starting to like us and so we got fed really well this weekend.

We always appreciate when members feed us, so if you can not go out and teach with them then you had better invite them over for dinner or drop something off for them at the chapel. It makes it so much easier.

We also saw 9 bounce castles on Saturday and that was just another miracle that day. Overall this week I have felt really blessed to see a lot of miracles in this area. Each day has its ups and downs but I feel like the Lord is really blessing us for our hard work even if it does not always show up in obvious ways. It has just been an awesome testimony to me that the Lord loves all his children and is ready to pour out blessings and miracles in every area in the world as long as the people are ready to receive them. He is really just waiting on us to be prepared enough, and when we are finally ready for it he will inspire and guide us to miracles. Its been so awesome to see that this week and I am really excited for these next weeks that I get to continue building up this area.

So I am almost to the end of Transfer 1! I did not always think I would make it to this point so even this is a miracle!


Elder Hyde

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