Monday, July 6, 2015

Meeting the New Mission President

July 6, 2015

Dear Family:

This was a pretty crazy week for us.

Monday we went up to Pinole and did some work up there so it was a pretty laid back day overall. E had an appointment fall through but he left a note to his "Mormon Friends" so that kind of made up for it. Definitely a change from Richmond though, people just aren't there when we show up usually.

Tuesday we had District Meeting and went up to Crockett, the northernmost reach of our area and I think the farthest north the mission goes but I am not sure. We also went to Concord to see the doctor for Elder Schaeffer so that was fun. It is fun going out of the area once in awhile. But it took a lot of time so that kind of sucked, we did not have as much time to work today.

Wednesday was pretty exciting. We have this investigator who we have been working with for awhile who has not let anyone into his house because it is so dirty in 4 years. But on Wednesday we got to be the first ones in 4 years and we went in and cleaned with him. It is a big step in changing his life around and we were really excited. Unfortunately he feels like he needs to put the Gospel on hold to turn his life around. It sucks when people think they do not need the Gospel or they think it would get in the way. It is tough because we know that the Gospel is the one thing that will help them fix anything in their lives than anything else. But we will keep working with him and hopefully he realizes what we have to offer soon.

Tuesday we got to meet President Frandsen. He came around and shook all our hands. He was nice, super tall, and pretty hardcore. I think we will get along well and I am looking forward to working with him for the rest of my mission. It is going to be a great 2 years!

The weekend was a bit slow because of the holiday. But we had a good time, people were nice to us. And we got fed really well on the 4th of July so that was nice. The Lord really helped us out this week.

Transfer calls are next saturday so this should be the most exciting week of my mission yet! Anything can happen! Find out next week!


Elder Hyde

With Incoming Pres. Frandsen

With Outgoing Pres. Meredith

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